Celebrate All Cultures at Little Free Library

Tomorrow (October 13) Cochrane will become the 6th location in Alberta to offer a little free multicultural library.

Syed Najam, President of Love With Humanity Association says the group is hoping to launch these libraries in all towns and cities throughout Alberta. ”

Love With Humanity makes the libraries themselves and says there are books available for many different cultural backgrounds. “This is our passion. We love to see all kinds of books in one place, in all different languages. In Calgary, we have all kinds of books in Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, Yulu. Depending on what most people like is the books we keep in the library.”

The group’s mission, Najam, shares is to spread love, peace, and a connection between cultures through books. “With different types of books, people with different nationalities and backgrounds come together in one place. Our main mission is to know each other, that is the important thing.”

Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestermere also have little free multicultural libraries and have been well received. Najam says one of the libraries in Calgary is on his property and with the addition of a couple of chairs has created space for all to enjoy. “The first one I installed was at my house on my lawn. I have seen seniors and newcomers come, sit there, take the books, leave the books and if they like the book they can take it and go home. We have been getting a good response from the community.”

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